Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Classroom of the Future Essay -- Teaching Education

Classroom of the Future Essay In ten years, I will be 32 years old. I will be teaching full-time in an elementary school. Things will be a lot different than they are now, technology in particular. Everything that is cutting-edge right now will be widely available. In my classroom of the future, my students will all have helpful technological tools to further enable their learning capabilities. One thing my classroom will have is a smart board. In fact, every classroom will have one. Smart boards, otherwise known as interactive whiteboards, are like big computer screens the size of chalkboards. The screen shows whatever the computer attached to it tells it to, and things can be highlighted and edited by touching the screen. The boards are also able to be written on, and are totally interactive, hence the name interactive whiteboard. These will be really helpful when teaching lessons because of all the things that you can do with them. It’s like a chalkboard that actually responds to you. Smart boards also enable video conferencing. This is great because students can go on virtual tours using these smart board video conferences. They can speak to scientists and tour guides and hundreds of other informed professionals willing to conference with them. This avoids the hassle of regular field trips which involve transportation and permission slips and takes up a lot of time and energy. Now students can have those same benefits of learning from the comfort of their classrooms (EdCompass). Another piece of technology that will benefit students in my future classroom will be cell phones. In ten years, there’s a good possibility that every person in the country will have a cellular phone, students... ...nology to help them with every task. Their learning will be advanced tenfold through the use of what’s known today as cutting-edge technology. And, best of all, classrooms will be improving all the time. Works Cited Daly, J. (2004). Life on the screen. Retrieved Apr. 19, 2005, from Edutopia Magazine Web site: Shreve, J. (2005). Let the games begin. Retrieved Apr. 19, 2005, from Edutopia Magazine Web site: SMART Technologies Inc., (n.d.). Edcompass. Retrieved Apr. 19, 2005, from Evaluate Technology Web site: Wired Magazine, (2005). Cell phones put to novel use. Retrieved Apr. 19, 2005, from Wired News Web site:,1452,66950,00.html.

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