Thursday, July 25, 2019

Criminal Justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Criminal Justice - Assignment Example Another principle is that of unanimous consensus, which relates to the event that jurists come to terms with the rulings make public by a judge. For this case, they all consider the ruling as fair and one that bases on their constitution. Such a principle is called Ijima in the Arabic language and faces heated debate from contemporary scholars. Another principle is that of analogy, which means using reasoning and logic in relation to an established law, but in response to a new situation. An example of such is the fact that the law prohibits Muslims from drinking alcohol, which may apply to other forms of alcoholic drinks such as wine and whiskey. The same law also applies urf, which means customs, for which the jurists attach value to the preservation of customs known to the majority of the people. The jurists will, therefore, make their rulings basing on methods that will exalt the traditions of the religion as well as the cultures of the people. The rulings made also depend on the principle of individual reasoning, which gives the judges a chance of making decisions out of their reasoning. The chapter discusses the international criminal court that has its headquarters in The Hague. The court is a formulation of the Rome statute and deals with cases of crimes committed against humanity. The court is one of the few existent institutions that ensure that there is an observation of human rights by laying pressure on the leaders around the world to observe the respect for many. For instance, the court’s foundation was one of the efforts that the world made towards ending of the Second World War as well as the activities of mass killing of people. (Schmalleger 34). The development of cybercrime is one of the advancements in technology that have made crime a modernized activity. For instance, there are many types of such crimes, which range from fraud to terrorism and other types of criminal activities.  

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