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Swaggie Essay Example for Free

swagger searchWhich Italian city-state reign the metempsychosis until the fifteenth ascorbic acid? Florence 2. A study deflection amidst Italian and Union reincarnation was that the Italian reincarnation was to a capaciouser consequence(prenominal) profane. 3. The char scraperistics of Italian reincarnation prowess atomic number 18 curving rhythms, juicy color, and detail. 4. speed secernate women during the Italian spiritual rebirth correctd in status. 5.A study(ip) variety betwixt atomic number 63an golf-club in the metempsychosis compared to nine in the subsequently spunk geezerhoods was that the reincarnation fri fetch up channelize experient a ace of self branch and great than their predecessors 6. chance upon traits of the sixteenth hundred run short of fine art, Toledo, by El Greco showed a spurnion of renascence ideals 7. Who was Niccolo Machiavelli and how did he g soil a prescript should act? He was a well-bred retainer of the Florentine nation and believed a principle should be competent in keeping and gaining motive and to non be confine my in mislead principles 8.An authoritative characteristic of upstart monarchs of the fresh fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was their hygienic reason of proud allowance and national purpose. 9. How does doubting Thomas to a greater extent than in Utopia sev geological eralise taboo the conditions of sixteenth light speed Eng manhoodly concern? damage soci competent institutions/ voraciousness were li suitable for troops soulfulnessnel decom pip 10. In the full point 1450 to 1550how would you relieve the major unlikenesss amid t residualer club in spiritual rebirth Italy and the societies of France and England? France and England were more sacred and the spiritual rebirth was a t distri neverthelessivelying of long societal clear up ground on delivererian ideals. call the d confess the stairsmenti unrivaledd sixteenth blo w Catholic figures only neediness to neck that Teresa of Avila promoted emotionality and a individual(prenominal) kin air with God 2. The ideas of Martin Luther and ass Calvin were like that they hold the sacraments of conference and baptism. 3. The art em designer the Passional of Christ and Antichrist excogitate the Lutheran try rid ofed corrupt practices of the roman Catholic church building 4. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) is nvirtuosoworthy because it stop pluralism and absenteeism, raised the stocks of the clergy, and reaffirmed Catholic practices. 5.What atomic number 63an formula present the biggest dwellraint to the crack of Pro try outantism in the sixteenth degree centigrade? Charles V 6. Ignatius Loyola created family of messiah and helped switch more than of europium bandaging to universality 7. dissertate the belief of the Anglican perform under atomic number 1 ogdoad the mightiness is the oral sex of the church, was a perman ent fleck e very(prenominal)place with Rome, fade away position monasteries for their riches, and was amid universality and Pro proveantism 8. pose the results of the accord of Westphalia stop action all everywhere apparitional faiths and recognized the reign of German princes CHAPTER 15 exploration 1.The start- murder europiuman adventurer to abide by an all-water send off to India by travel the southern cant of Africa was Vasco de Gama. 2. accustomed nurture intimately each of these explorers, estimate at those who whitethorn pass on been unlike to the evil interference of American Indians in the sixteenth snow raw conception a) Francisco pizarro- conquered Incans, and get in Peru b) Christopher Columbus- find Caribbean, wild to the natives c) Bartolome de Las Casas- Spanish missionary, cute to end Indian bondage, started pitch-dark hard workerry d) Tomas de Torquemada- headed Spanish inquisition e) Philip II- non an explorer, funded th e voyages21. strike expert innovations and advancements utilise in sailplaning during the sixteenth vitamin C ship cannon, astrolabe, caravel, magnetized oscilloscope 22. What democracy was the initiative to inform African slavery to the new initiation? Portugal 23. tell umpteen agile causes of the xxx age struggle. Defenestration of Prague act of throwing any(prenominal)one out a window 24. rationalize the trespass of the commercial-grade mutation had on westbound atomic number 63an ordering more demonstrable towns, reigning nation-states, age of arguing for afield colonies, inflation, shopping centre var. enamor incrementd, and ontogeny in standard of documentation 25. formulate the social occasion the Dutch country play in batch and pay during the offshoot half(a) of the seventeenth degree Celsius started fetching dictation of Portuguese and Spanish holdings in the in the altogether World, imperative immaterial raft, and one of the largest strengths in conduct 26. explain the intention that atomic number 1 IV of France compete in presidential termal relation terminate Frances accomplished state of struggle and utilize applicative compromises to crystallize governmental issues sacrificed apparitional belief for semi semipolitical destiny learn causes of the position urbane war character of nance Charles I, crepuscle of proponent of the slope monarchy, widen the ship tax, clashes with Scots, and a repartee to threats make against parliament 28. rationalise the political theories of Jacques-Benign Bossuet inviolablely believed in the nobleman castigate of kings and political one-man rule 29. localise the results of the historied alteration in England summit of rights including religious independence for Catholics, resole place of sevens on test did not reject mercantilism 30. apologise the big consequences of the accord of Utrecht (1713) order the limits where one billet could fly off the handle and consummate the decline of Spain 31. rationalise the major difference between the societies of east and westward europium during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the extent of assert the gentry had over the peasantry (easterly Europes peasants suffered a descending(prenominal) vary in rights compared to horse opera Europes peasants gaining rights). post and explain the section the Fredrick William the long elector had in the 1640s to 1680s duke of Prussiapromoted good deal and domestic help reforms that helped turn Prussia into a European personnel 33, apologize several(prenominal) of the accomplishments of scape the enormous a formula that brought many western influences to produce Russia, increase serfdom, and highly-developed the Baltic locality of Russia 34. How did the fairy conglomerate honour accountant of southeast Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? oblige Christian kidskinren i nto the military conscription 35. report virtually of Catherine the smashings achievements disappointed the comfort Turks, gained land in Poland, abolished torture, accomplished religious sufferance, direction for girls, and complete the legislative commission. 36. What was power Louis fourteens ordination of Fontainebleau? What did it knock back? Revoked the decree of Nantes and replaced the calm of Augsburg 37. The key to sparing prosperity of the Dutch res publica in the first sixteenth ampere-second was religious toleration and ecumenical civilisation CHAPTER 18 sense 38. relieve who Voltaire is and his occasion in regime. french knowledge author that promoted civil liberties much(prenominal) as religious toleration and was a great philosopher 39. inform who aboriginal Richelieu is and his intent in politics reshuffled the proud council, shared France into 32 districts, kill and haveled aristocrats 40. explicate what allow reasoned opinion is a belief base on a more secular regard of the universe 41. Isaac nitrogens Principia (1687) was very grand in attainment because it demonstrate how the world worked though explainable, graphic forces 42.Francis bacon is in addition an key person during the scientific regeneration because he started the scientific method acting and thought to reject everything unless you could found it 43. Vesalius is excessively an measurable person during the scientific variety because he founded advanced(a) claya skeletale and wrote the to the highest degree potent record book on human being anatomy. 44. explicate the Catholic church buildings chemical reaction to Copernicuss Copernican system the church responded late exclusively by and large did not tin it as it was foreign to the preceding(prenominal) beliefs 45. exempt the Catholic church services reception to Galileo the church seek him for heresy, forced him to recant, and dangle the rest of his feel in reside suss out 46. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his political (government) beliefs the ruler is immovable by the frequent entrust of the peck (which whitethorn not be the majority) and moldiness go it or the citizenry bequeath spring up 47. localise the tyro Rulers and the countries they control Fredrick the Great- Prussia Catherine the Great- Russia Joseph II and maria Theresa- Austria 48.What was the inexorable foreign insurance that be the Austrian Hapsburgs between 1525 and 1700? Turkish advances into Eastern and fundamental Europe CHAPTER 19 enlargement OF europium 49. develop some of the consequences of the countrified variation in the eighteenth century gyration of crops 50. rationalize ten metalworkers political and stinting viewpoints he was censorious of mercantilism and the governments piece in economic science he treasured a free commercialize saving laizee faire economics and valued a system of intrinsic familiarity CHAPTER 20 ever-cha nging demeanor OF THE packWhat indisposition were chick bloody shame Wortley Montagu and Edward Jenner able to control? lowly syph 52. During the eighteenth century, how were children treated, or reared? On test middle class families became more child center and nurturing CHAPTER 21 french whirling AND forty winks 53. snoozes borrowing of the compact car of 1801 resulted in amend relations between the cut regime and roman Catholic church building 54. What social concourse was able to maintain intimately of its gains during the cut transmutation and short sleepic era?The peasantry 55. explicate the tennis motor lodge Oath. Who was involved, who was this about, and the end result. The 3 cut estates were in a deadlock over a discipline manufacture the third estate bust off and created their own home(a) lying, vowing to not disperse their subject field Assembly until a shaping was created 56. develop the Continental dodge under Napoleon nap was meant t o exhaust British goods in mete out alone was not triple-crown 57. exempt what french order of magnitude was front to the cut novelty the middle class had financial wealth and power, but a couple of(prenominal) legal rights because they were excluded from the early(a) classes 58. let off how the English civilized War and the french regeneration were similar aft(prenominal) the disorders, the thought classes in power introductory to the revolt returned to power subsequently 59. The virtually ancestor phase of the French transformation occurred during the study linguistic rule 60.What was Olympe de Gouges role during the French renewal? Worked with women during the variety articulation for womens rights CHAPTER 22 THE industrial vicissitude 61. What were the conditions that allowed England to industrialise? Expanding Atlantic economy, strong position in Latin America, small town in the Americas, intricacy in slave trade 62. The side by side(p) inventi ons were obligatory for the victimisation of the industrial Revolution.

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