Sunday, February 24, 2019

Celta Assignment- Lesson from the Classroom

We are al close half way done the CELTA course and it is admirable that all of us have had such a tremendous growth curve. Personally, I know I have experience much more confident some standing in face of a classroom full of students and talking about different aspects of slope language. I discovered the rattling first day that it was important to fix a proper rapport with the students and be comfortable talking with them.I learn it was also important to engage students in conversation rather than resume the role of a traditional teacher. When Guy commented on family line 13, later my first lesson, that I established a good rapport with the students and tag my performance on building/maintaining a good rapport preceding(prenominal) the standard, I mat more comfortable from the second lesson onwards. I hold I also did well in class management from the beginning. I made sure I kept all students composite in the ongoing activity.In the third week, Guy as well as my pee rs commented that I dealt well with the student arriving late, and also another student asking a question which I did not know the answer to but confidant enough to use my ipad to search for the correct answer and gave it to her. I recover my class management skills have only improved since then. Also on October 4, my forth lesson, Gui wrote well done in the additional notes on my ability to focus accurately and clearly on specific lexis and grammar (meaning, form, phonology) and to accept effective use of the white board or other optic support.Guy also commented on my first lesson TP feedback that I did a good furrow explaining some difficult lexis i. e. effortless, lean meat I think I have developed adequate skills to teach lexis. (300) I havent done a very good job at providing productive practice to students because I dont judgment of conviction my lessons too well. During my first and third lesson, students didnt have enough cartridge holder for speaking or even practicin g the grammar thought at the end of the lesson.In my TP feedback on September 13, Guy suggested that I should give students a restrict time limit to avoid wasting so much time on every task. Gui also commented in my TP feedback from my third lesson, on September 27, that although I was able to contextualize well but not economically and whence not enough time for even a controlled practice. However, I tone of voice the area I really need to develop and work on in future is my lesson planning. Since the beginning of the course, I have never felt comfortable with my lesson plans and it has not improved yet.The lack of detailed information is quiet there, even in my latest lesson plan. Ive been advised by two Guy and Gui to include more information in my plans about analyzing the language used in each lesson and identifying potential problems and how to respond to them. some other area that I am very self-conscious of is my own spontaneous and written language. I am not an Englis h native speaker system and I constantly think that I may use unfaithful language when I am speaking in the class.As Guy has skeletal my attention to this point in my stage one progress disk on September 22, I need to provide accurate and enamor models of both oral and written language in the classroom. (270) I moldiness add that I have gained a lot by find both experienced and CELTA trainee teachers. I think I have gained most by observing my CELTA colleagues. I have learnt from their mistakes and picked up many good techniques from them. Observing Guy in the first week of the class was a big bonus. He was so much at ease in class, so much at home.He made the students feel comfortable and involved his Intermediate English students in the process of teaching and learning. His lesson thought me it is very important to have an interesting lead in and connect it smoothly into the main aim of the lesson. It was also great to observe Hayley because it showed how exciting a grammar practice can be to students. Hayley prepared a police-thief game for the students to wonder a crime using present perfect tense. I tack it a very effective method of practicing the language for students and at the corresponding time they enjoyed speaking English.I learned about collocation when I observed Johns and Martinas lesson on lexis. John allowed the students to speak about different types of relationships and elicited the words that go location by side together such as married to or mother-in-law. Martina also did the said(prenominal) with eliciting the focus lexis which were comparative and superlative adjectives. Observing James made me meet the effect of proper use of voice when he used his slopped voice to say liar while instructing a complicated game. (250) positive word count 820

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