Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Argumentative research paper by pass surgery Essay

Argumentative research paper by pass surgery - stress ExampleThis paper addresses the argument while presenting substantial evidence on the importance of nursing lag in early recovery of revolve surgery patients. Nurses play a substantial role when it comes to surgery, because the slightestnegligence from the medical staff can actually lead to significant consequences including respiratory issues, infections, etc. Nurses have training and medical education to perform this task with unprecedented expertise(Lord, 2006). The counterarguments are in any case refuted on the basis of the fact that change magnitude surgery cost is not associated with the nursing staff rather, it has a direct link with the hospitals management and policies which should be revised with strong government intervention. Argumentative Research Paper short operating theatre Introduction Bypass surgery is done in order to facilitate the flow of fluids and remove overmuch body materials. The term is general ly known for coronary artery bypass graft which is an open-heart surgery in the first place done to fix the blocked arteries going towards the heart. Heart issues and the related treatments have always been a start out of medical practice, but surgeries have gained importance only if in the 20th century (Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, 2010). It has another type which is related to the weight loss, i.e.,stomachal bypass surgery. When exercise and other medicines do not go bad in reducing weight and on the other hand, excessive weight increases the risks of other diseases, then gastric bypass removes excess fat from the body (Staff, 2011). Undoubtedly, bypass surgery is one of the most critical surgeries in medical treatments which do not only require an efficient multitude of medical doctors but also needlong-term support and facilitation by the nursing staff. Postoperative care of patients, either in the case of heart bypass or gastric bypass, is always a very challenging job for nurses, therefore they bear the great responsibility of patients early recovery. Bypass surgeries do not always provide health benefits and sometimes they establish to be hazardous for the patients well-being if sufficient care is not provided (Lord, 2006). Thesis Statement Bypass surgeries are often related to severe adverse effects which might show up later in life. These affects can be easily controlled with the help of nursing staff and regular follow-up with doctors. However, a group of individuals comprising surgeons and patients believe that the role of nurse in bypass surgery is very limited and hence it only results in increasing the overall treatment cost. On the contrary, the other prevailing concept is that nurses play a vital role in patient care, which ultimately results in early recovery, and therefore they must not be neglected (Hughes, 2008). Considering the role of nursing staff in bypass surgeries, the following thesis report is formulated, which argues and defends the role of nurses Bypass surgeries such as coronary heart bypass and gastric bypass strongly require trained nursing staff apart from the team of surgeons and doctors.

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