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What does it to be a good leader Essay Example for Free

What does it to be a well behaved loss loss draw EssayWhat does it to be a bully attraction? A attracter is that someone who uses social, organizational, intellectual or such authority to command a group, organization, or country (Cragg Spurgeon, 2007). Generally, a leaders primary responsibility is to enlist the contribution of his/her subjects to accomplish a common task. Therefore, a leader should possess qualities that help him/her organize, command and realize the objective of the group or organization (Cragg Spurgeon, 2007).A ripe leader needs to be both proactive and reactive (Gachte, Nosenzo, Renner Sefton, 2008). This means that the leader should think some(prenominal) steps ahead of their subjects, so that they can see problems before they arise and hence develop foresee mechanisms for them. This also means that a good leader should be flexible and adaptable, so as to equal into whatever new unexpected or uncomfortable situations. The leader also needs to be initiative- he/she should be the source of ideas and plans that benefit the group (Gachte et al, 2008).Communication is one of the most important pillars in teamwork. Therefore, an especial(a) leader is that who knows how to communicate effectively. This entails having good listening skills, asking the right questions as regularly as realizable, catch the subjects needs and remitting directions and ideas in the best way possible (Cragg Spurgeon, 2007). A leader who not only determine feedback, but also acts according to it is most likely to produce good results (Cragg Spurgeon, 2007). A good leader also needs to display confidence and enthusiasm for his/her job, thus causing the people under to get married in the same spirit. That is an important form of non-verbal communication for a good leader.Although the leader is the most correctly member in a group, the effective leader acknowledges the inputs and efforts of each and every member (Gachte et al, 2008). A good lead er will respect all his subjects and treat them without discrimination or favoritism. In the same line, a good leader has an open mind so that they can weigh and consider all possible fruitful options even from junior members. In case a member of the team does well in achieving the groups mission, an exceptional leader will recognize and take them, while motivating others to work even harder (Gachte et al, 2008).A common saying goes, a good leader leads by example. A good leader is not a boss, but a servant with the others. For this reason, a good leader should be resourceful and instrumental in the actual implementation of the organization or teams tasks (Wills, 1994). Therefore, the leader requires neat skills, training and education to match the duties and responsibilities of the respective leadership position. Moreover, an effective leader should be well-organized, punctual and of all time ready for his/her duties (Wills, 1994).Authority and leadership are two qualities that a re hardly separable. Although a good leader is a servant too, it is impossible to lead without authority over other members of the organization. A good leader understands their power such as to delegate duties, to allow or deny certain actions by the members, to reward or penalize a member, etc. (Wills, 1994). However, a leader should not use the authority vested upon them for their consume good, but rather for the good of the whole organization.There are numerous other qualities that characterize a good leader, but the above are some of the basic good leadership traits. As discussed, good leadership revolves around personal endowment effective teamwork- only that the leader should understand place at the top of an organization, group or team.ReferencesCragg, R., Spurgeon, R. (2007). Competencies of a good leader. How To Succeed As A Leader. Ed. By put up R Etc. Redclif Publishing, Oxford-Newyork, US, 3340.Gachter, S., Nosenzo, D., Renner, E., Sefton, M. (2008). Who makes a good leader? Social preferences and leading-by-example.Wills, G. (1994). What Makes a Good Leader?. The Atlantic Monthly, 273(4), 6380.Source document

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