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Figuring out the truth Essay Example for Free

Figuring taboo the up salutaryness EssayEveryone has been be to, mistreated or in time betrayed at approximately point in their life. That feeling is awful, solely to be the person that did so wrong should feel even worse because of the pain they caused to individual else. The meaning of this reference to me is very relatable in a lot of ways, being right out of high direct I k directly what its like to have been un lawfulnessd to and feeling like an idiot because you probably believed some issue that someone told you, you perspective was the honor then rested up line uping out it was every last(predicate) a lie. People lead always find out the truth even if you dont consecrate them straight up. So why do we lie? We all have done it and we know its non right but we continue to do it. Do we think that we will always get away with saying something thats non the truth? Where is lying expiration to get you in life? It gets you no where, telling the truth may not be the easiest thing but its the right thing to do even if you have done wrong and think you should look like a good person and tell a lie to cover up what you had done but telling the truth is actually the right thing to do.People will get in trouble for telling the truth if the truth isnt what they deficiency to hear and they will also get in trouble for lying because it was the wrong thing to do. The truth may not always be the prettiest but its not as slimy as lying about something that someone is going to find out eventually. One day. In the paraphrase Brudzinski mentions that one day the truth will emerge one day someone is going to find out all the truth. One day someone is going to regret not telling the truth and having to deal with the consequences of what they lie about.Why not just face the truth and get it over with alternatively of living with the fact that you made someone feel better by telling a lie and knowing that when they found out you didnt tell them what real ly was the truth they will feel the carry through opposite of when they thought you told them the truth but was really all a lie. This quote to me means that great deal need to fess up to what they have done right in the beginning then hold for the truth to come around and having to explain yourself for doing wrong. It relates to me a lot with my friends recently. You really getto know who your rightful(a) friends are when someone gets caught in a lie. I know I have lied in the first place to my friends to maybe get out of doing something that they all wanted to do and I now think stand to that and I know that wasnt the right thing to do and not just that but all because I didnt want to do something that everyone else wanted to do seems so selfish. When it comes to lying theres more than not just telling the truth, you cannister loose friends and family because of something you said wasnt current. How will someone ever conceive you after they find out that youve lied to the m?This quote relates mostly to middle school and high school girls. Its the stage where everyone has to fit in so they try there best to do so and a lot of it comes with lies. Trying to fit into the popular crowd in middle school is not an easy task and no body wants to be left out. You have to have the name taint clothes, all of todays electronics, and not to mention you have to get the boys to notice you. Girls try so hard to fit in now days, if you arent this skinny we cant be friends with you, if you dont go to that concert everyone will think youre poor.Girls are cruel to each other now days so teenage girls try their best to do what they can to have all the friends they can and lies are tossed around all the time so they can be more popular. Where are the lies acquire these girls? All they will ever know is that its ok to be fake and have a mask. Lies crop people into someone there not. Be happy with what you have, you dont need to throw out lies to just fit in, if someone doesnt accept you the way you are you wouldnt want to be friends with them anyways.I believe finding out the truth is the hardest part after being lied to. The fact that someone had to come up with a story to get out of telling the truth is sad. It doesnt hurt one person but it hurts both people, the one who told the lie and the one who got told the lie. It makes the person who had to come up with a story to avoid the truth look like a betrayer. come int be that person, stand up and face the truth, youre going to have to at some point so why make up a false statement when you could tell the true one.This quote is simply about finding out the truth. Why do people lie? nigh people think they will get by most of the time but in the end someone always finds out the truth which is like a corpse in the water, someone is going to find that body eventually and the story will all come together. Why lie when someone is going to find out the truth at some point. One day the truth will emerge , like a corpse in the water. Wieslaw Brudzinski. The other pages. http//www. theotherpages. org/quote-16. html. February 2, 2014.

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