Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Leadership Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Leadership Management - Assignment Example One time I managed to collect the most medical bills for the company that was, in fact, a record. No one had exceeded receiving over $10,000 in a month for the company. I broke the barrier and collected over $12,000 of medical bills (bad debts). It was my supervisor who recognized and rewarded me for my effort. I used to report directly to this person. Any discrepancy or a problem in the workflow was reported directly to him. I did not receive any extra monetary recognition for my efforts. My direct supervisor was usually a reticent person. He never verbally praised anyone before. When he praised me, it made it unique to me and for my peers. On the day when we got our reports he walked into the room. All the employees were sitting at their workstations busy with work. Suddenly he announced my name and asked me to stand up. Then he read the report of my performance. With a smile, he announced my collections for the month. All the other employees started cheering and clapping. I have chosen to cite this experience here because it was unique and therefore memorable. In our medical bill collection company, such recognition or reward system was unknown before. Employees would just work get their paychecks and go back to their homes. But this was the first time when they realized that they were adding value to the company. We felt like we were an essential part of the organization. My efforts also made my supe rvisor happy because our department received additional funds for better performance than the other departments. When I received the recognition, it made me feel proud of myself. Ironically, the things that do not cost money are usually the most effective (Nelson, page I). I started believing in myself. Before this occurrence, I never considered myself worthy of such a competition. There were more experienced professionals and peers working in the same department. I was of the mind that I could never beat them at their game. But I did not only beat them

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