Monday, August 12, 2019

Progress Report For the dissertation (Social Media in the UK) Essay

Progress Report For the dissertation (Social Media in the UK) - Essay Example This is to primarily find out whether there is a relationship/correlation between the social media and VOD bookings in the UK. The research processes include; descriptive research, exploratory research, predictive research, and explanatory research. Explanatory research outlines an explanation of particular phenomenon/happenings while analysing its characteristics through discovery and measurement of causal relationships From the research, the data results indicated that there was a positive correlation between tweets to VOD booking. This leads to the conclusion that Twitter directly influences the VOD bookings. The more a hashtag of a VOD trends on the platform the more the VOD bookings. A hashtag is a way for prople in twitter search for the tweets that have mutual topic. The conclusion of these findings recommends that released VOD to use social media including Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and other platforms to promote their new released videos. Acquisition of these media platforms needs to have a good plan and be in line with the organizations goals. Media literacy has been on the rise and people in the Great Britain have gained knowledge, skills and understanding that enable them to make them most out of the opportunities presented by the new world wide web communication channels (Espley, Carpentier and Medjkoune, 2014). People have also been able to protect themselves and their families as a whole from the risks related to social media such as catfishing and also to manage the contents and communications through the media literacy. Research findings have shown that more adults in the UK, most specifically the older adults are now finding their way online by use of various devices (Gupta, Nicholson and Newman, 2012). Generally, what is observed in a number of organizations is far much less in the way contemporary social media is trifling stuff and more

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