Sunday, August 11, 2019

Police Officers Injuries related to work and what ii the solution Essay

Police Officers Injuries related to work and what ii the solution - Essay Example This is mainly evidence with patrol police officers who receive injuries or meet their deaths when they are outside their patrol vehicles. Arguably, few professionals experience the injury threats that police officers face during their careers. Health workplace is the key to any effective and successful law enforcement department. The department of police should understand that healthy police officers who work under safety and healthy workplaces are able to better perform their duties and serve the community effectively. The department executives must ensure that police agencies support the police officers’ safety and healthy. For, instance, the department of police should incorporate adequate measures to protect the employees from the adverse threats, which they face during their operations (Gundersen and Robert 62). Police executives should ask several questions to ensure the police officers’ wellbeing is fully protected (Ball 47). For example, what are the basic health and safety measures should the police department ensures to its employees? During large-scale epidemics, such as fighting against a terrorist group, which are the appropriate safety and health measures to ensure the police officers are healt hy and are able to undertake their duties? What benefits should the police officers derive from the health and safety program? This essay aims at explaining the types of injuries, police officers face during the line of duty and the appropriate safety and health programs that police department should implement (Gundersen and Robert 65). The paper also purports to provide some considerations for strengthening the current safety and health programs. This document begins with explaining the various types of injuries, police officers face related to their duties (Ball 49). It further proposes several health and safety programs that police departments should implement and explaining their benefits and stressing that it is only through the

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