Thursday, November 21, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 17

Human Resource Management - Essay Example erms of cost, total business performance, culture and even corporate image if the organisation maintains effective recruitment and selection procedures. This paper describes the many advantages for contemporary organisations in maintaining quality human resources systems related to hiring employees. There are tremendous pressures being placed on the modern organisation in terms of maintaining competitive advantage and sustaining strategic superiority over competing firms in the business environment. Total business performance and the management of internal quality are two primary objectives of most members of the management hierarchy (Williams, McHugh & McHugh, 2005). The total quality management focus involves aligning all aspects of the organisation, for instance from manufacturing (if relevant) to finance, all employees are expected to conform to a well-identified model of expected business performance. Ahmad & Schroeder (2003) offer that many organisations fail to recognise the importance of total quality management (TQM) in their recruitment and selection practices, thus providing the organisation with opportunities for failure. The authors propose that in recruitment, the human resource division in today’s organisations focus strongly on prospective employee techni cal skills but focus very little on the soft skills of employees such as personality-based and behaviour-based competencies. It is suggested that soft skills are most crucial to total quality management as it is these talents which determine levels of individual motivation or whether the candidate will evolve successfully to adopt the prevailing culture and attitude in the business (Ahmad & Schroder, 2003: 542). Under a less TQM-focused organisation, technically-skilled candidates can be selected for their individual, mechanical talents and perform to job role expectations efficiently. However, today’s businesses require leaders who must adapt to project team coordination, work with a variety

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