Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The planning system's approach to managing change in rural areas is Essay

The planning system's approach to managing change in rural areas is fundamentally flawed. Discuss - Essay Example ountry planning†, so that planning is not just a regulator of land and property uses, but is at the centre of the spatial development process, coordinating policy with implementation based on sustainable development. (Gallent et al, 2008). Some of the most important factors which have shaped the United Kingdom Planning System are: the strong ethics towards land preservation which is epitomized in the work of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, and its Scottish and Welsh counterparts. and the agriculture and breeding of livestock of the land owning class. Additionally, popular attitudes to the preservation of the countryside and the containment of urban sprawl are related to the early industrialization of the United Kingdom, the small size of the country, the long history of parliamentary government, the power of the civil service in central government, and the professions in local government (Cullingworth & Nadin, 2002). Fundamental flaws are present in the planning system’s approach to managing change in rural areas, partly because of the following reasons: the United Kingdom planning system has been highly effective in stopping development, rather than in facilitating it. There are serious weaknesses in anticipating needs, and in acquisition and allocation of land, and in integrating the planning of infrastructure with new development. The powers which the system has for such important planning actions are inadequately used because of insufficient relationship between the public planning process and the largely private development process. Though the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 envisaged the undertaking of positive planning by the public sector, this was not adopted due to lack of feasibility; and alternative mechanisms remain underdeveloped (Cullingworth & Nadin, 2002). Another shortcoming of the planning system is the most difficult issue facing any policy, that is, defining the right questions. Current United Kingdom debates are

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