Friday, November 1, 2019

Analysis of Business Excellence criteria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Analysis of Business Excellence criteria - Essay Example This formula for such unflinching success has come through none of what management books could preach. The story behind the rise of Emirates Group lies in being an opportunist and seeking the opportunity at the right time and solving all their problems as and when they came through. This can be highlighted as one of company’s key strengths. Emirates has been working in a multicultural environment where the company seeks to address whatever shall keep the company motivated and ensure team functions to perform well. The key business practice is to keep things running as they are if they appear good, defying the conventional wisdom of not having any functional fit in the organization. Emirates group is run like a family rather than a management driven organization. It is a fully owned government organization based in Dubai. As a part of business strategy, the company has a policy of not entertaining any alliance and believes in making strategic partnerships with its competitors t o move forward on the path of success. Its range of services includes commercial airlines offering all of passenger, postal and cargo services. It also sells consumer goods in airlines as both wholesale and retail. It also operates in hotels and resorts and engineering products is leisure and destination management (The Emirates group, 2013C). As a part of company strategy, Emirates group does not believe in a fixed organizational structure and has built its company structure based on people strengths. Also, the company does not have a board of directors that comprises of executive and non-executive directors. They have a group of 30 people who discuss an agenda openly. The senior management and HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum act as the sole decision making body. This senior management believes in focussing on details, rather than the bigger picture. Emirates also follow a strategy of hiring people from all across the world. Staff salaries are pegged to their home country base s but recruitment from across the globe has its own economic advantages. Employees get attracted to the company despite its comparatively lower salary because of lack of tax implications in Dubai. This allows the company to have a competitive advantage over its staff costs. The paper is a survey that is based on the EFQM model. It analyses the Emirates Group on nine parameters of the model through survey results. The results are analysed and helps in determining key strengths and weaknesses of the company. Based on the analysis, the paper concludes with recommendations of suggested practices. Methodology In this section, the research methodology has been discussed. It is to be noted that the research was carried out by means of a questionnaire based on the EFQM excellence model. The questionnaire was answered based on the secondary data obtained from various print and online sources. Based on self assessment study, the answers to the questions were formulated, wherein each answer is based on information obtained through secondary source of data. No outside person, group of persons or body corporate was approached for seeking answers to the questionnaire. The question response format was based on a Likert scale of 1 to 6. However, each one of these numbers was defined in terms of attributes as Zero Base, Very Weak, Weak, Acceptable, Strong and Extremely Strong. The scores were assigned as 1

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