Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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Question - Essay Example This category comprised of 14% of the whole sample. The next category was ordinary users. This comprised a moderately 27% of the whole cluster analysis. The third category was the irregular users. The irregular user encompassed 14% of the total population sample. The largest category was thee basic users, who comprised an enormous 45%. In order to obtain this analysis, Chi-Square analysis method was used. This analysis showed important relationships between the various kinds of technology identified. The analysis also showed the various universities which the students attended. It also reveals the various genders of the students, their age, and their countries of origin. The last ten years has shown a lot of development in the type of technology that is being employed today. The technology skills have improved greatly. Students have changed their preferences and their experience is biased towards the direction of technology. The result in the next few years will be that all the students will be â€Å"digital natives.† These students will have homogenous group characteristics that require a wide range of experience and improved skills in in using information and communication technology. In recent years, there has been an empirical research that has been conducted by other different researchers concerning the Net Generation students. This research reveals an increasing level of technology that is being adopted and used. However, the findings are below those predicted by the Net Generations or the digital natives’ rhetoric. The researches shows a large number of students often use an established technology. For example emails and web browsing. However, there is only a few of this students sub-groups who used more advanced or a recent technology and tools. While classifying the various groups in a broader manner, another researcher found out that 31% of all the American adults were elite technology users while 20% were mid-level

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