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Ligament Injuries Essay -- Health Injured Ligaments Essays

Ligament Injuries The volley dinner gown game match has been goingon for over an hour. Both teams nurse been merchandisepoints and side-outs. The ball is set high outside sothat the big outside hitter can put the ball away.She comes in hard, plants, leaps into the air andsmashes the ball down the line in a twisting motion.As she lands on her right leg, a POP is heard anddown she goes. What has just happened isoccurring more than and more often in athletics, theathlete has just torn the antecedent cruciate ligament(ACL). In this paper I will describe ACL, how itis hurt and diagnosed, how it be repaired andwhat is being d single to prevent ACL injuries. TheAnterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of thetwo cruciate ligaments of the genu, the other beingthe Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL). Theseligaments argon the stabilizers of the stifle. The ACLis a strip of fibery tissue, which is located deep interior the knee joint. It runs from the assholeside of the femur (thigh bone) to the anterior sideof the tibia (shin bone) deep inside of the knee.The ligament is a broad, thick cord the size of apersons index finger. It has farsighted collagen strandswoven together in a fashion that permits forces ofup to euchre pounds to be exerted. The function ofthe ACL is to prevent the tibia from moving in front man of the knee and femur. The ACL alsoprevents hyperextension (or extreme stretching ofthe knee backward) and helps to prevent rotary motionof the tibia. The amount of knee ligament injurieshave been on the rise in late(a) years. Over the last15 years, ankle sprains have decreased by 86%and tibia fractures by 88%, but knee ligamentinjuries have increased by 172%. The speckusually occurs in either a slow twisting fall, a sharp hyperextension, or a sudden hyperflexionas when landing from jumping. When the injuryoccurs the athlete usually hears a protrude and theywill have immediate swelling of the knee. Whenthe person tries to put metric weight unit on the leg it will feellike the knee isnt underneath the athlete. Withmost injuries the type of movement will help todetermine the injury I twisted to the right. etc.When ACL injuries occur there is a dadsound at the time of injury and swelling within sisehours. An experienced clinician can diagnose anACL tear with relative accuracy by a manualexamination. X-ray examination and ... ...t of stress. A knee spell resistive exercise program done by TheUnited States go Team has resulted in an 80%decline in serious knee injuries. The program usesa single stance one-third knee accede going from 30to 80 degrees at a steady regularize for three minutes,working up to five minutes on from each one leg. Sportband (elastic cord) can be used to increase justification when initial levels are achieved. Theanterior cruciate ligament is the main guide to kneestabilization. Fortunately injuries to the ACL arenow much more treatable and athletes are reversive to performance at a greater rate. Allathle tes need to be aware of the risk of ACLinjuries but they also need to know if it doeshappen, its non the end of their athletic career.Works CitedAnterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) Injury.http// Kneehttp// Injuries The Anterior Cruciate Ligamenthttp// Knees, Please - AHFMR May/June termhttp// CRUCIATE LIGAMENTINJURIES BY DAN KUKLOCK

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