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Cloud Computing Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cloud Computing Security - Essay ExampleThis paper will comp ar some of the journal holds that address asperse-computing security. Bisong and Rahman (2011) take mass that many business organizations are beginning to adopt the cloud computing technology as a strategy for cutting down make up so as to increase the companys profitability. They argue that cloud many companies, which have adopted this concept, have reaped a lot of benefits by cutting down cost, saving time and maximizing their flexibility. Despite the benefits, Bisong, and Rahman (2011) cautions that thither is a number of security issues associated with cloud computing technology that an organization has to deal with effectively to concur confidentiality, integrity, and reliability. As a result, Bisong and Rahman (2011) addresses all the security concerns associated with cloud computing technology in an organization such as the threat, vulnerability and risks in their journal article titled, An Overview of the Sec urity Concerns in Enterprise Cloud Computing Qaisar and Khawaja (2012) through a journal article titled, Cloud Computing Ne twainrk/Security Threats and Countermeasures agree with the view expressed by Bisong and Rahman (2011) that many companies today are looking forward to adopting the cloud computing concept since it is economical in terms of cost thereby resulting in improved profitability. In this article, Qaisar and Khawaja (2012) explore the security concerns associated with cloud computing concept. However, unlike in the previous article by Bisong and Rahman (2011) the article by Qaisar and Khawaja (2012) goes further to discuss the various types of cloud computing that are available for use. The third article Is Cloud Computing Secure? by Brittanny Lyons (2011) also acknowledges that cloud computing has been of great benefits to many companies, which have managed to adopt the concept. Lyons (2011) gives an example of Amazon and Google that uses the cloud computing technolog y to manage their networks. However, the article like the previous two articles examines how safe the technology is for managing business networks in an organization. Lyons (2011) argues that cloud computing is secure just as the standard computing technology. Nevertheless, the article also agrees with the other articles that there are security issues that must be taken into consideration before adopting the concept in an organization. This includes hackers, viruses, worms, and cyber-terrorists. Other risks noted include lack of privacy since the providers are able to access the data being relayed through the system. With regard to style used, the first two scholarly journals are written in formal academic styles. This is evident as the articles have the abstract, introduction section, conclusion and the bibliography/reference sections. The content is also thoroughly and detailed, as the researchers appear to have gone deep when conducting the research. For instance, it burn down b e seen that the two scholarly journals went deep to discuss the cloud computing security related issues by giving examples as well as how to regaining the threats as noted in the article by Qaisar and Khawaja (2012). The two scholarly journals also have a number of charts and graphs, which have been used for illustrating information. For instance, the article by Bisong

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