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Confucianism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Confucianism - Es reckon ExampleThus politeness being a universal communication phenomenon it reflects particular cultural set that come with or rather which are linked to diverse cultures. Being a relatively vital aspect in cross-cultural communication, politeness enables muckle from different cultures to establish, consolidate or maintain harmonious interpersonal relations that reduce misunderstandings and conflicts in the society.A snapshot on various aspects of politeness in the two cultures, Chinese and side of meat, depicts that the rules of communication differ as they are influenced by the values and beliefs of individuals from these communities. For instance, the English people always address others according to their genders Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms, followed with a surname, depending on age and marital status. On the other hand, the Chinese address people using a surname and the title of the occupation Wang yi sheng to mean have-to doe with Wang, Lee xiao zhang to mean P rincipal Lee and shi fu can be use to address strangers. In addition, the Chinese culture, especially for children, shushu and a yi are always used to address uncle and aunty respectively.Another aspect of politeness in the two cultures is farewell and greetings. Whenever the English people carry out, they always use phrases like Nice to meet you, Good Morning, Good evening and Good afternoon. For the Chinese, the phrase ni hao is always used whenever people meet. Moreover, when the China people meet their acquaintances, one can say qu na li to ask where one is going or chi le ma? to ask whether one has eaten or not. Thus, whenever an native speaker of English hear the Chinese phrases, he or she might interpret them as invitation lunch or dinner and any other interference in their personal affair.I met one of my colleagues, an English speaker on my way to a restaurant. I was

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