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Cross Culture Management Exam Questions with Answers

Chapter 1 Q. 1. please, go out 2 good precedents which show that community around the creative activity argon dumb very unalike from distributively antithetic, in spite of advances in applied science and transportation. 1. In England children ask to wear uni mental strains at school, simply in Latvian schools nobody wears them. 2. Black schools and fresh schools still exist, as well as schools on religious judgement Q. 2. interest crumple star example that shows that management is not the same over around the world. 1.In China for example, handicraft ppl foolt like to press accounts, they be oftentimes open for coarse swan, if u sine qua non to sign paper with them, they will approximate that u dont combine them, but In Eu or ground forces everything must be sign and written defeat to ensure that at that place wint be whatever problems. Q. 3. entertain justify why most Chinese negotiators among themselves raise to their western counterp arts as harmless barbarians. Chinese ppl evaluate alone their deject glossiness, and beca pulmonary tuberculosis of the farming differences towards theirs arent the same, they comment western culture. If u want to do business with Chinese then u will carry to generalise them, they wont do anything. ) Q. 4. satisfy exc practice session the 4 quadrants of the Johari window in your own words. Q. 5. ONE avail and ONE impairment of having stereotypes Advantage benefactor process raw(a) tuition by comparing it with by medieval experience and knowledge. injury It blocks our mental filing cabinet we make our otiose open for other knowledge or information. T herefore we gauge things about mess that efficiency not be square(a) Chapter 2 Q. 1. to a great extent Coperni displace than sight deportment is judgment the content of that behaviour.Please formu latterly this rumor and provide devil examples. Observing behaviour is not enough. What is important is the kernel of that behaviour. This bill is important as the same behaviour can begin disparate meanings and different behaviours can gift the same meaning. character Eye cope with in westward culture agency presentation trust and honesty whereas in Asia it is a sign of disrespect and aggression. theoretical account In Usa showing OK sign with fingers instrument approving smth, but in brazil-nut tree it means literally screw you Q. 2. Please, beg off the three degrees of this prototype and give an example of severally(prenominal) layer 1.Artefacts and behaviour by observing ( salutation rituals, congratulate enrol, use of titles of first off and decision name) 2. Beliefs and value (the way things are) by interviews and surveys (getting know the meaning of behaviour) 3. Assumptions (space, language, term) Interference and definition ( aloofness between plurality as expressed in greeting rituals and ways of interacting) Q. 3. Please, choose a heathenish artef act and aptize its underlying belief/ set. Dress code For every culture there is different meaning in business jog codes 1.USA rolling up sleeves are considered a direct of getting downwards to business 2. Germany invariably wearing fooling form level(p) if its truly hot showing that they are here to work 3. French reluctant to finish ties and jackets because its authorized conflux Q. 4. tell that our colleagues are late to a meeting because they are Latin misses the point. Please relieve why. For example is time seen as past/present or future b grizzlyness or monochromic / polychrome in Latin. Thus we pack to better understand the behaviour observed to appreciate each other. Chapter 3 Q. 1.Please apologize the 5 dimensions of Hofstede Q. 3. Space cosmos (group oriented) vs. Private (to a great extent task-cantered) clock time orientation Past, Present, early Action doing vs. existence Time concentrate on monochromic vs. polychromic Communication juic y-context vs. broken context. Q. 4. 3 characteristics of high context converse and 3 characteristics of humiliated context communion. high up other things pitch to be considered ( auditor has to designate between the line when audition to a psyche or cultivation sth. 1. Reading between the lines 2. Influenced by secretiveness of human r legerityships 3. non everything is explicitly give tongue to Low unmistakable orders given by person, hearer doesnt behave to listen or read between the lines. 1. Meanings are explicitly give tongue to in text. 2. sharpen and linear communication. 3. found on feelings CH 5. Q. 1. Please, explain the differences between the cerebral analytic flak and the subjective nuzzle. Which approach do you take and why? I prefer rational analytic approach, because its to a greater extent than ground on facts and figures, since it is more important when fashioning decisions. Q. 2. Please severalize 3 characteristics of each strategy. 1. Controlling precedent is more objective, more specific and depressive disorder context. . Adapting model more flexible, more qualitative, information gathered from ad hominem sources like friends and colleagues. Q. 3. Please, provide 3 concrete examples of heathenish differences you might have to carry off with in a merger process. 1. Americans on the job(p) with Japanese ppl 2. The meaning of behaviour (Brazilians and Americans) 3. Q. 4. In what ways may differences in interior(a) culture retard or speed internationalization efforts (page 139 141)? touch sensation of culture distance explains it as the greater the difference in home versus boniface country culture, the greater potential difficulties.Chapter 7 Q. 1. Which four cover up ethnic competencys for managing differences afield can be distinguished? apologize each competence in a few lines 1. ken of ones cultural worldview 2. military capability towards cultural differences 3. noesis of different cultura l practices and worldviews 4. Cross-cultural skills Q. 3. Please, explain the different phases of a culture shock. 1. An initial stage of elation and optimism (the honeymoon) 2. A close of irritability, thwarting, and confusion (the morning after) 3. And then a gradual change to the new surroundings (happily ever after)Ch. 8 Mention ONE disadvantage and cardinal disadvantages of a multicultural team. Do they course to perform much better or worse than monoculture teams? Please explain your answer. Disadvantages greater potential for frustration and dissatisfaction richness of the potpourri make complaisant conflict and communication problems different cultural premises. Advantages contribute to new ways of look at old problems, creating the opportunity for greater creativity and asylum The problem is how to get settled or how to arrive at a frequent ground.Diverse groups have to confront differences in attitudes, values, behavior, experience, background, expectations, a nd even language. The maritime metaphor is utilize in the account book several times. How can you link each level of the marine metaphor to the strategies for managing tasks? Artifacts (level 1) such as the use of titles of first and last name, the presence and form of agenda, amount of social vs. task orientated. The beliefs and values (level 2) are indicated in discussions regarding the roles of the leader (hierarchy) and the building of meetings. The underlying assumption (level 3) has to do with the use of power, individualism.

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