Sunday, June 9, 2019

(Narrative) Childhood event. Earning money to buy something you really Essay

(Narrative) Childhood event. Earning money to buy something you really wanted - Essay ExampleWe dreamed of buying the coolest toys or the flashiest technological gadgets that some of our filthy complete classmates possess. Sometimes, we just wanted to splurge on fad items, food, chocolates or candies. To save for those items we longed to buy, my brother concocted of innovative and fun ways to earn money. there was this time when we axiom the newest version of the portable playstation that we just got to hold on to. We thought of saving each and every penny earned for that PSP. There were a lot of jobs for kids at our neighborhood which we both were determined to monopolize. Mowing our neighbors lawn was one of our favorites. We get to have fun while trimming the grass, watering their plants, and ensuring that all dried leaves were kripped and properly disposed of. There were times we took turns on babysitting and selling old but reusable items, among others. The journey towards ea rning every penny towards our goal was challenging, fun, memorable and rewarding. In the end, we bought what we wanted and we cute it forever.

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