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Critique a Research Article Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Critique a Article - Research Paper ExampleHowever, recent studies presented that almost 50%-72% of genetic elements are responsible for ingeminate co-occurrences of such disorders to the same patient or to the particular family tree. Thus, the research problem that has been addressed in this article is whether (cross)assortative mating or (cross)parent of origin do of ASD and ADHD in parents have any relationship with the co-occurrence of either ASD or ASD with ADHD among their children. Initially, the article was aimed at discovering whether ASD and ADHD share similar morphologic and functional brain abnormalities which would also prove the co-occurrences of such disorders among parents and children belonging to one family tree. In order to obtain this particular aim, the authors used a series of books studies an interview process. Subsequently, the obtained conclusion stated that the two disorders share insignificantly similar structural bases and functional brain abnormalitie s (Steijn, Richards, Oerlemans, Ruiter, Aken, Franke, Buitelaar & Rommelse, 2012). Evaluation of the Research Methods Used Does the author grant a literature review? One of the main reasons or motivations to use literature review in a research process is the intention to manipulate or justify the relate issue with reference to prior studies and already evaluated and rationalized outcomes (Cronin, Ryan & Coughlan, 2008). However, the aim of the article was to identify and comprehend a new dimension of the concerned research phenomenon, i.e. the possibilities and the probable causes of co-occurrences of ASD and ASD with ADHD among parents and children in the same family tree. Hence, a greater emphasis is provided towards primary sources through interview rather than on literature reviews in this article. Nevertheless, the authors make use of the secondary research in the introductory part to signify the literature gap and the scope of the research. Is the Research Current and Relev ant to like a shot Existing Health Issues? A large number of treatments are nethertaken currently with children suffering from autism. Recent studies have depicted that almost 1 out of every 88 children is diagnosed with an ASD, among which boys have been examined as 5 times more vulnerable to girls. However, scientists have been unable to provide any valid explanation for the increase in the diagnosis (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, 2012). Moreover, it is also identified that symptoms of ADHD also create significant problems for more than half of all the children with autism or ASD syndrome. Unfortunately, both the disorders, ASD and ADHD are under recognized and under treated by doctors in majority of medical cases. Hence, there is a greater demand and need for researching on such life-and-death topic in order to gain significant insights about these disorders (Autism Speaks Inc, 2011). Thus, it can be stated that research on such critical topic in the current context is worth to be undertaken for ensuring enhanced public health. Describe the research type utilized? Experimental, non- experimental, quasi experimental, etc. The authors have applied experimental research type for conducting the research study in order to establish the assumed cause and effect relationship between the

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