Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fighting for His Dream :: Personal Narrative Essays

Fighting for His Dream      Ã‚   For the past several years Casey Martin has taken the golf world by storm, not only with his awesome golf game, but also with the lawsuit that he has filed against the PGA Tour. He is suing the tour for the right to play with the aid of a cart because of the deterioration of the bone and muscle in his knee, which impairs his walking abilities. The rare circulatory disease that Martin has is called Klippel-Trenanuary Weber Syndrome, and can lead to the total amputation of his leg, above the knee, in the near future (White). Therefore, if he is unable to use a cart he cannot pursue his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. Even though he has won the right to use a specialized cart at the present time, the PGA Tour has filed an appeal, which could once again deny Martin the use of the cart that is necessary for him to play (Ferguson). Because Casey Martin is an amazing example of courage, determination and perseverance, he should not be turned down with his request; th is man is a great person who could prove to be a role model to many people, especially children. I believe he should be allowed to ride a cart on the PGA Tour so he can chase his dream, and in the process possibly provide someone else with some encouragement to work harder in reaching their own goals or dreams in life when they see how driven Martin has been to reach his goal.    Casey Martin, The former Stanford teammate of Tiger Woods, has a game that is good enough to compete with the best players in the world. Martin has recently proved that he is one of the best golfers in the world and is good enough to play on tour because he finished 14th on the Nike Tour money list which earned him his year 2000 tour privileges (Ferguson). This is a major accomplishment considering many past tournament champions on the PGA Tour have qualified through the Nike Tour just as Casey Martin did this past month. Also, he has proved how mentally tough he is because of the extreme pressures he has faced and overcome when playing golf at the level at which he is competing, along with the constant stress of his court case.

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