Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Flight Operations Quality Assurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Flight Operations Quality Assurance - Essay Example He further said that the collection and availability of the data is of little use unless the problems, which were previously identified, are corrected. It is his recommendation that questions should be understood and answered by acting upon it accordingly. describes the activity tracking methodology of the CATS or Crew Activity Tracking System. CATS immediately identifies the error on commission and omission that leads to deviation. It is also useful in detecting procedural deviations that were not detected before. Moreover, CATS performance. CATS improve safety measures by using FOQA flight data to improve feedback. Should CATS have access to data regarding aircraft state, clearance constraints and pilot actions it could determine nuances in detail for efficient data analysis. immediate maintenance rather than performing maintenance at a schedule time interval. So, if an aircraft part needs to be changed after a flight then it must be done as soon as possible and does not need to wait for the part to be changed within the following week for its supposed regular schedule for maintenance check-up. This study by Stolzer (2002) recommends the use of a FOQA data-driven fuel consumption model to be use to find out why an aircraft uses a higher quantity of fuel than the actual amount prescribed by the air craft manufacturer. Since fuel is one of the major expenses of an airline company, it is imperative to consider whether the more than normal fuel consumption of fuel could be attributed to airframe or engine abnormalities. Whatever good results derived from the FOQA data-driven fuel consumption model to improve the safety of air travel must be incorporated within the overall quality system. According to Stolzers (2002) previous volume of this study, abnormal fuel consumption should be critically analyzed and data must be preserved within the ongoing quality assurance program of the air carrier. In this

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