Saturday, October 19, 2019

Should citizens be permitted to carry a concealed weapon to their Research Paper - 1

Should citizens be permitted to carry a concealed weapon to their workplace (e.g., office, school, construction site) - Research Paper Example Lott (2000) explains that the government should therefore develop effective mechanisms of ensuring safety of workplaces and the social places by banning the rising trend. By carrying such weapons as to their workplaces, it becomes a nuisance to public security as well as to their own security due to the fact that human don’t always act rationally and therefore are likely to use the weapons in an inappropriate manner more often that they are very going to need to use the same in the appropriate manner. The government has set in place several mechanisms of ensuring peace and order in the society. Key among such efforts is the institution of a dedicated police hotline service, which responds in time and carries out effective investigation thereby ensuring that the American society is safe enough for its citizens. However, the police service may not always respond promptly in every case. Furthermore, the criminal trend and cases of assault continue to increase thereby placing pote ntially anybody at risk. For self-protection, most people prefer to have concealed weapons with them in case of an eventuality. Most of those who carry such weapons claim that they do so for self-defense. They thus go with such weapons to their workplaces including offices, schools and construction sites. With the weapons, citizens make the society less safe and social interaction more restrictive. During daily interactions, employees act aggressively to one another. Such acts of aggression arise due to internal organizational wrangles. However, with the concealed weapons, most people opt to use violence to settle such scores thereby harming their colleagues in the process. Such acts of aggression are costly to both the organization and to the respective individuals. The organization loses reproductive person-hours as the wounded individual seeks treatment while the offender risks a possible jail term. The use of violence at workplaces to solve internal wrangles destroys free interp ersonal relations thereby slowing the rate of organizational productiveness. Additionally, when citizens carry such weapons to their workplaces they make the society unsafe since the weapons present an amount of danger to other members of the society. Some citizens work as teachers and therefore interact with young unsuspecting members of the society. Through their interactions accidents occur, the damage resulting from the accidents may worsen if the teacher had some concealed weapons with them. There have been several cases of guns accidentally going off thus harming unsuspecting members of the public. The penknives and swords may drop accidentally thereby harming others. Workplaces must always maintain certain safety levels, the law demands that organizations compensate employees who hurt themselves while at the workplace. Such legislations are considerate as the employees are assets to the organization. With concealed weapons, the workplace becomes increasingly dangerous and unf it for productive work. The numerous accidents that ensue thereafter may cause the organization millions of dollars in compensations. By permitting citizens to carry concealed weapons to their workplaces, the government would be making the society susceptible to illegal guns thereby promoting criminal activities. Citizens obtain small firearms from government facilities from where they register both the guns and the bullets. This way, it becomes easier to investigate criminal activitie

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