Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Read the case first, and then answer the question Assignment - 1

Read the case first, and then answer the question - Assignment Example One advantage of Facebook advertisement is its â€Å"like, comment and share† features that engage the users in an interactive product advertisement. A user who spots a unique product, they can like it, express their opinions on the product through the comment option or even invite others to like the product by a click on the share option. As Treadway and Smith (13) point out, these features make Facebook â€Å"a Winner take all† in the social media advertisement. With these features, Facebook is likely to attract more buyers for organizations with a short time period. For instance, Coca-Cola Company increased its revenue from $1.86 billion to $ 82.9 billion dollars within a period of less than one year. Another advantage of Facebook emanates from its popularity in the social spheres especially to the young generation. An organization that creates an advertisement is likely to attract more customers in the shortest time possible. Nike Company doubled its Facebook fans t o 3.1 million within a weekend. Additionally, over 30% of the people who like an advertisement are likely to recall about the product. From this point of view, Facebook is a channel for distribution organizational information which is necessary for organizational growth. On the other hand, Facebook is a way of managing processes that allow customers to acquire information from the organization. When an organization shares its information on its Facebook page, it allows potential customers to read and share the same information which is part forms part of customer attraction. The success of the Coca Cola Company can be associated with the organization's ability to provide product information to its 12 million Facebook fans. The customers of Seven K’ business organization can access information on health tips from their Facebook ‘service mission’ page. From a different perspective, organizations are able to obtain customer feedback from the Facebook pages in the co mment space which allows customer to comment either positively or negatively about the products (Treadaway and Smith 241). Acquisition of customer feedback allows organizations to assess customer reaction and modify the products suit the consumer tastes. This way the organization is able to perfect and develop its products from time to time, a critical part of the customer value approach. Case Study, A Mobile Application for Home Depot A core aspect of an information system is effective in the distribution of information and management of the people within an organization. In the e-enabled world, information is a critical aspect of the business organization that contributes to the success of the organization in a competitive market environment. The information distribution must be smooth, reliable, coordinated, effective and timely. In Home depot, the organization has remained static by declining to integrate technology driven information management system, which is a portrayal of i ncompetence on the part of the management. The move of the CEO Frank Blake to equip the employees with sophisticated mobile equipment is an innovative plan for distribution of information about the effectiveness of the organization. First phones will allow employees to communicate, manage organizational records and inventories and even facilitate the purchase of products. Consequently, this will form an effective network for information manag

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