Saturday, September 7, 2019 has unemployment affected the economy over the last four yeasr Research Paper has unemployment affected the economy over the last four yeasr. 2.Have unemployment rate increased or decreased over the last four years - Research Paper Example It has had negative effects on the economy because the government financial budget has had strains in trying to meet the needs of all citizens to their satisfactory but still can not because a high population is unable to cater for its daily needs. The problem still stands to be the issue of unemployment. The economy is unstable because people are over dependent in government expenditure rather than generating income for the economy (Markus 206). The rate of unemployment has increased from around 5% in the year 2007 to around 10% in the year 2011. This shows that the economy is rising with time and the government has failed in its efforts to draft measures that can counter these changes thus making the citizens to be on the receiving end to the harsh economic changes. Apparently, unemployment still remains to be a matter to be looked into as people are suffering without knowing the way forward to a solution. The government should increase the number industries so create job opportunities and control the rate of

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