Friday, September 27, 2019

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Proper operations management offers the management of any organization the chance to put in place proper operation strategies that provide the overall direction, which serves the framework for conducting all the functions of the organization (Clay 2007, 27). It is essential that every organization sets a pattern of decisions that shape its long term capabilities in any type of operations and positively affect the contribution of the overall strategy. This is through reconciliation of market requirements with the available operations resources. This task looks into how firms in the travel industry in Park Place (Cardiff) compete through their operations. The task looks dissects the significance of operations management for new firms in beating existing competition through operations of existing firms in the market. It takes a case study of Comfy Zone Travelers Corporation that intends to have a new branch in Park Place, Cardiff. In order to understand the operation strategies that companies in the Travelling Sector in Cardiff have put in place to counter competition, the research takes both qualitative and quantitative approach. The survey acknowledges that while the actual market share of each of the competing firms in the sector is a good indicator of well-thought operation strategies, it also appreciates that there are several factors of the market that may not be quantified. In this realization, the researchers conducted a market survey to determine both the market share of the existing firms in the traveling industry as well as understanding the thoughts of the market on the operations strategies the companies use. The survey concentrated on a sample of the target market. Since Comfy Zone Corporation intends to introduce its services in all sectors of transport in the town, the interrogation covered all users of public transport from roads to air. Given that a majority of

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