Thursday, September 12, 2019

Biology for General Ed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Biology for General Ed - Essay Example To address the hypothesis, the researcher will conduct a scientific method to solve the question. Using visual observation, the first thing the researcher noticed in the garden are different varieties of plants and insects particularly some bees that fly over colorful flowers. At the left-side of the garden is a faucet and a green-colored hose which is connected to a metal water sprinkler used in watering the plants. Basically, it is a common knowledge that plants need watering in order to grow. In the absence of rain water, human beings intervene with the watering of the plants using the man-made faucet and hose. Carbon monoxide that has been emitted by cars or the end-result of smoking is harmful to the health of human beings. Even though a lot of cars that passes by the park emit carbon monoxide, plants never seem to be affected by it. Fourth – expose the laboratory apparatus to sunlight for at least 5 hours (this will allow plants to produce gas within the inverted test tube. (See Figure I – The Production of Oxygen in Photosynthesis on page 4) After exposing the apparatus under sunlight, gas was observed to be present inside the test tube. After removing the inverted test tube, a glowing piece of wood will be inserted into the tube to allow the wood to burn. This proves that plants are able to produce gas from photosynthesis. (Exell, 2002) Given that oxygen (O2) is present in the atmosphere, plants could easily make use of carbon monoxide combined with excess oxygen found in air in order to produce carbon dioxide which is necessary for plants’ photosynthesis. Based on the research findings, hypothesis I which assumes that plants have special properties that enables it to convert carbon monoxide into something useful is scientifically acceptable. By combining carbon monoxide with oxygen, carbon dioxide

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