Monday, September 23, 2019

Market rearch business plan with payback Assignment

Market rearch business plan with payback - Assignment Example Additionally, they are able to execute and provide accurate results and industry specific data that is important to their customers even before a proper deal is designed. The table below shows a list of leading competitors, rank, price, and their performance. At the beginning, the company will have 5 employees. I Dennis James will be the director; mandated to oversee the operations of the company. Other positions will include Mr. John Musapere as the marketing person, Kevin Bright as the Finance Officer, Carl Mix as the Personnel Director, Fred Martins as the Logistics Officer, and Mr. John Mark as the Chief Executive Officer. The future plan for the company is to develop and new marketing people by the second year. Upon the beginning of the company, the primary marketing person will be Mr. John Musapere, but will change when the revenue ascends, and the firm will be in a position to cash in human capital. Consequently, the company will have a marketing strategy that will be focussed on the prior needs analysis. The aim of the process will be to identify the needs of the client. After mapping out this, MemaTech Company will determine mechanisms to implement these

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