Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Persuasive Study: Why We Vote Essay

America has been the land of the free and the home of the brave since 1776. America has been free from the monarchy of Great Britain. Over 200 years later, American citizens still fight for freedom and to uphold a strong democracy. Voting is important in America because the opinions and the results of voters reflect America’s morals and ethic, and the right to vote is a privilege. Also, every vote counts. Because America has the opportunity to vote, the overall view of America is not formed of what she truly is, but what the citizens are. What a person’s character is consists of what their values and beliefs are. When voting is accessible, those who do vote, vote for what represents them most accurately. If the voters don’t vote, the only representation of this country is of those who did vote. America is one of the only countries that have the freedom to vote with a democracy government in the world. Many countries do not have an option of whether or not they wish to vote. Monarchies or dictatorships, for example, have one ruler that enforces and makes all the laws and rules of that specific country; the citizens do not have a say about what they think is wrong or right. Because America has the opportunity to vote, the privilege should be expressed as much as possible. With the dilemma of not all citizens voting, the democracy can be far from a success. Those citizens that do vote present strong patriotism. Although patriotism is a praised emotion, not all patriotic people have the same ideas for this country. For example, a recent controversy is the problems with abortion. If majority of citizens that vote are not against abortion but a few others are against voting, they will lose all possibilities of opposing abortion simply because they gave up. Ever since 1776, America has been a democracy and a free country. Having a government that is a democracy, the right to vote accompanies it. Voting is crucial to the system of democracy for various reasons: the laws and representatives exemplify not only the government but the whole country, voting can be taken for granted and should be appreciated more, and if a citizen does not vote, they have no say in what happens in this country.

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