Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Discrimination Against Those with AIDS :: Discrimination AIDS

Discrimination has grown over the years to be a major problem around the world. There are many different issues that discrimination addresses. One of the main issues that it evaluates is HIV/AIDS. Many people who are infected with the disease are discriminated against for something that they cannot control after they are diagnosed. More specifically, insurance companies and employers are one of the big factors in discrimination of these people in the work place. It is very important to them because they need the money in order to live and they need to coverage in order to stay healthy. Many people go through this battle of live with companies in order to survive, like Devin a middle aged man. These are very important issues that needs to be evaluated closely at and also their needs to be a solution for this problem in the world today. The Issue Do insurance companies and employers discriminate against people after they are informed that a person has HIV/AIDS? This is an important question at issue because many people and their loved ones are affected with terminal diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. Also, it is important because they are treated with disrespectful and it is not how any human being should be treated or cared for. They are regular looking and acting humans that happen to be infected with this horrific disease and that is the sole reason that they are being discriminated against. The public is unaware that they will not get the disease by touching the victim or using the same products or utensils as them. The only way that they could catch the disease from anyone is if they have sexual relations with them or if the share needles by taking drugs with someone who is infected with the virus. â€Å"Two decades after HIV first appeared an estimated 30 million people worldwide have contracted the virus; 11.7 million people have dies of AIDS† (Frankowski xi). This deadly virus has continually and rapidly spread to all different people. Around the world this virus is a major problem and is affecting more women and children then ever before. Although when this disease first appeared it was male dominated, but they have passed it on to the women and in which case they pass on to their children when they are in the womb.

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