Monday, May 13, 2019

Childrens Individual learning activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Childrens Individual training activity - Essay ExampleThe assumed subject of this paper is 4 year old Jane, who is a preschooler. Her parents leave arrange bouting equipment of pretend kitchen so that she may play chef with her parents and siblings. The basic intent of the parents rear this play is to teach her display panel and serving manners. They may also teach her counting as the customers (parents and siblings) fill out and leave. She leave alone count how many customers come, and will observe every number on a note book that is set aside 1, 2, 3, Total today= This will make her learn any(prenominal) very simple addition too.The pretend kitchen will contain a wreak stove and toy cooking utensils which Jane will love to play with. The stove will be made out of a big box overturned with knobs and burners marked on it by a marker. Healthful toy intellectual nourishment will also be available with the main purpose of teaching Jane good eating habits. She will play with h er toy food with great excitement and fun. Apparatus will be available in the kitchen to wash and sterilize the toy food as she will put the food in her mouth. Moreover, table and chair sets will be there for the kids to use up. There will be maps, colorful carpets, tiny sofas, smart pictures, funny toys like baby dolls, and a baby calendar hanging on the wall. Kids will use all these as their pretend play. Jane will be encouraged to set the tables and chairs, play chef, take orders as her siblings and parents will come in as customers, and serve them lunch using toy food. There will also be some toy cleaning equipment like toy brooms and mops, so as to give the sense of cleanliness in the preschooler. The parents will constantly be supervising Jane with active participation in her play activities.This is a kind of scenario or learning activity that I have designed for parents to use in their home with their preschoolers. There are multiple benefits of this with regard to interact ive language and developmentally appropriate

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