Wednesday, May 1, 2019

NextEra Energy Inc., Strategic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

NextEra Energy Inc., Strategic Plan - Essay ExampleCurrently, the chairman and CEO of the NextEra Energy Inc. is crowd together L. Robo, the hot seat and Chief Executive Officer at NextEra Energy Resources is Armando Pimentel, the Executive Vice President and oecumenic Counsel at NextEra Energy, Inc. is Charles E. Sieving, the President and Chief Executive Officer at Florida Power & Light troupe is Eric Silagy, the Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer at NextEra Energy, Inc. Moray P. Dewhurst and the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at NextEra Energy, Inc. is Deborah H. Caplan. Today, NextEra Energy Inc. is one of the leading providers of affordable, clean and reliable energy. The order has three subsidiaries, the principal subsidiary, FPL, NextEra Energy Resources and FPL Fiber mesh topology. By the end of fiscal year 2013 the companys net income reported $1.9 billion.The NextEra Energy Inc. is a leading clean-energy company headquartered i n Juno Beach, Florida. The company is holding 191th position in the list of 2014 Fortune 200 companies. The company was founded in 1925 as Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) at that place was a desperate need of a dependable supply of electricity. The company was founded by Thomas Edison and the universal Electric Co., which was later purchased by American Power & Light. On a later date, the company was coalesced by American Power & Light to Florida Power and Light Company (FPL). The unexpected patchwork of ventures include small electric producing plants, ice plants, water, gas, fish, sawmill and road auto organizations, telephone, steam laundry, an ice plant, a limestone quarry, a sponge fishing boat and even 35 mules and wagons ( 2014). The company started its operations with 76,000 gas and electric customer accounts, 230 mile transmission lines and 1,139 miles of distribution lines. At the time the production capacity of the FPL was 70 megawatts and 8 was a erated at an average price per kilowatt hour for residential

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