Friday, May 24, 2019

Monster Mini Golf

whale Mini golf, an indoor, 18-hole, glow-in-the-dark, monster-themed family entertainment center created and developed by husband and wife Patrick and Christina Vitagliano, started its operations in 2004 under daemon Entertainment, LLC. In the hopes of expanding operations and taking full advantage of the increasing popularity of family oriented entertainment centers, Monster Entertainment, LLC opened its doors to interested rightes in 2005.The estimated capital investment needed to set up a exemption of Monster Mini Golf ranges from $147,000 to $255,000, which already includes the franchise fee of $30,000. Initial term of the Franchise Agreement is five years and franchise is renewable for three successive terms of five years each. thither is also a royalty fee of 9% of gross sales paid weekly for their continuing support services.Monster Entertainment, LLC has designed an easy to determination business system for the franchisees of Monster Mini Golf. Aside from the support f rom management office, they also entitled to the following benefits readying. All franchisees are required to participate in a comprehensive training course that lasts approximately four weeks. This intensive program focuses on all aspects of the franchise system, products, services and techniques in operating the business. Training also covers management methods pertaining to personnel, office, sales, computer software and marketing procedures.On-site assistance. Management provides an on-site assistance to franchisees two weeks before the scheduled opening. Aside from this, they also deportment periodic site visits to provide guidance and assistance in the franchisees operations. 1. All franchisees will also receive a Monster Mini Golf Operations Manual that contains specifications, standards, procedures and recommendations to aid investors in the operation of their Monster Mini Golf franchises.Marketing materials and website development. Franchisees are provided with various pub licity, advertising materials and other promotional items. apiece location will also be given its own section in the companys website. Protected area or exclusive territory. Monster Entertainment, LLC awards only a limited number of franchises per geographic location based on franchisees location, population and drive time to the guaranteed site. To be considered for a feasible franchise rights, interested parties are asked to complete and submit Confidential Franchise Info Request form available online. Selection is based on the appliers disposition, sales, customer service skills, and their experience in basic inventory control, money management and budgeting. Other qualifications include maturity, judgment, stability and adaptability.One important come out that a prospective franchisor must consider is the local government regulations and taxes. In the United States, franchising is governed by both federal and state laws and in other countries, the manufacturing is being reg ulated. State registration though, may not be necessary depending on the franchises location.Other legal matters important to the set-up of a franchise would include compliance issues and documentation requirements. Other economic and financial factors that a franchisor must also look at include organizational structures, accounting practices, financial projections, financial responsibilities and anticipated market conditions.Referenceshttp//www.monsterminigolf.comhttp//www.franchisegator.comhttp//www.francorpconnect.comhttp//www.entrepreneur.comhttp//

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