Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Persuasive Memo With Business Improvement Suggestions Essay

Persuasive Memo With Business Improvement Suggestions - screen ExampleThis is because the online customers lead be able to access our products easily and raise views and questions at the very(prenominal) time. It is truly unfortunate that the previous financial report shows that the company performance is not pleasing. This is because it reported a 10.3% strike in return on investment. This shows that the profits argon diminishing and an action to improve on the same is required. In order to solve this problem, I lead come up with a proposal on creative ways. Persuade Cafe is a company with a good profile from its customers and the smell of its products. Also, the quality services offered to the customers are not questionable at on the whole since their needs are met within a short time. This is clear from the survey done from 732 respondents where majority were content with our services and products. In addition, the survey shows that rough customers do not know some of th e products existing in Persuade Cafe like espresso drinks. hobby the responses of the customers, I request the company to start advertising campaigns, improve on products and introduce new products in the market. The advertising campaigns will focus on prospective customers who are not aware of products and services offered. It will also educate the consumers on how to use the products in order to get the best result. Some of the customers are not aware on where they can obtain some of the companys products. ... In some other dimension, most of the products will be purchased due to the presence of free samples. In order to market the products widely, thither is need to use media group like television, radios and newspapers. Introduction of new products in the market is another tinge that will increase the returns. New types of coffee, tea, bakeshop and soft drinks will not only increase sales, provided also create a competitive advantage to the company (Ober, 2007). The company will be in a position to compete with its competitors like Starbacks who also deal with almost the same products. The survey shows that in that location are complains on the quality of the products and services. Pastry is one product that many consumers are complaining about. Also, bakery items and espresso drinks are of low quality, which can lead to loss of customers due to lack of satisfaction. This was the main reason why the head of business development, Christopher, was disappointed by the customer survey results. In order to cater for all consumers, I suggest Persuade Cafe to rebrand its products into small and big quantities. Since customers have different tastes and preferences, it is important to have the goods in different packages and colors. This will increase returns in the short run as well as in the long run and also attract fair competition. Having in mind that the economy is not performing well and the status of the company, this project costs a substantive amoun t of money, but you are assured of immediate return. Advertising, rebranding and packaging costs are all variable to the company hence lightsome to meet. Advertising campaigns and rebranding will enable the company maintain its current customers and attracting others. Quality products and services give the

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