Saturday, May 4, 2019

Toward a Praxis Theory of Suffering by Janice Morse Article

Toward a Praxis Theory of Suffering by Janice international Morse code - Article ExampleAccording to the author, there are two major behavioral nations such as enduring (in which emotions are suppressed it is manifested as an emotionless state) and emotional torture (an overt state of distress in which emotions are released). Every individual who are suffering move back and forth between these two states based on their own needs, their acceptance of events, the context, and the needs and responses of others. The article has been important to me because it helped me discover the implications for the provision of relaxation during the various states of suffering. Nurses are the caretakers of suffering. Understanding suffering and the responses and needs of those who are suffering rests straightforwardly on the shoulders of nurses, and easing and alleviating suffering is the heart of nursing. Nurses are at the bedside throughout the course of illness, and they are much the only s upport for those suffering, both patients and their families. (Morse, 2001). Therefore, understanding the behavioral-experiential nature of suffering has a vital role in the practice of nursing and it helps one in offering the most comforting service to the patient who is suffering as well as the family which is affected. In conclusion, Toward a Praxis Theory of Suffering by Janice Morse has been one of the most fundamental articles which contribute to the effective nursing practice and one realizes the implications for the provision of comfort during suffering states.

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