Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Plato's _Meno_ discussion Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Platos _Meno_ discussion - Dissertation ExampleThe change in perspective of the Athenians underside be related to the accusations made against Socrates. By telling Meno to convince Anytus, the Athenians view of Socrates tush change. His intention was in line with the Apology that is to present his virtues. He brought up the issue on the convey of the sentiment of virtue to present himself as a person who has the knowledge about virtue. An otherwise is the fashion by which virtue can be achieved and taught. Socrates concluded in the end of Meno that virtue is a dower from God to the virtuous, which means that the concept is there for everyone to acquire but only the virtuous people train the capability to use it. What then are the specific benefits of the dialogue regarding virtue? The discussion regarding virtue can be considered beneficial to Socrates because through the dialogue, he was able to present himself as a person who knows the importation of the concept of virtue. In addition to his apology, he was able to present his real character, which can be considered as the reason why he challenged Meno on convincing Anytus for the benefit of the Athenians. The said discussion on the other hand is significant to the readers as a trigger towards a deeper view on the general concept of virtue, which is important since the meaning of the word itself is often overlooked.

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